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It is said that great art never dies. However, architectural artwork is not subject to the same natural laws as a Van Gogh painting. A building must deal with the hot and cold, the wet and dry, and the profit/loss margin of the business. The Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic is a work of architectural art and one of significance to the chiropractic profession. It is worthy of national support.

Today there is a need to come together to preserve the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic. The Gonstead Foundation is here to help facilitate that action.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead

The work of chiropractor Clarence Gonstead is well known. In his amazing career that began in 1923 in the small Norwegian town of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, Dr. Gonstead created an empire of loyal patients and doctors. Practicing at a time when BJ Palmer’s Hole-In-One (HIO) was popular, Dr. Gonstead offered a successful alternative approach for chiropractic, one built on the principles of sound biomechanics. His chiropractic innovations include: refinement on the use of the nervo-scope, a full-spine x-ray marking system, chiropractic adjusting tables, a unique style of cervical chair adjusting, a new model for understanding pelvic misalignment, and a new model of understanding discogenic back pain.

The Gonstead System

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Join us in preserving the legacy

A group of like-minded doctors and supporters have banded together to preserve an iconic icon in the chiropractic industry. What started as a dream by one man has grown into a practice that has helped thousands of people. Even though Dr. Gonstead's legacy lives on in the work his students do every day, the effects of time have worn down the beloved clinic. We knew we had to take action to keep the legacy alive and with your help, we can save it for future generations.

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